Duplication & Conversion

Video Conversions to DVD/CD/Hard Disc:

If you have it, we can copy it!
We transfer to and from the following video formats:

  • Regular 8mm film

    also known as 8mm film or Double 8mm film, it is an 8mm wide motion picture film format. These are films that were viewed using a projector, with or without sound, and those without sound can add music to it.

  • Super 8/8mm Film

    an improvement of the Regular 8mm film, with a larger image area.

  • VHS

    Video Home System, an analogue recording videotape based cassette.

  • VHS-C

    the compact version of the VHS, used in analogue recording camcorders.

  • SVHS

    improved version of the VHS (analogue recording videocassette).

  • Video8

    an 8mm video analogue recording format

  • Hi-8

    an improved version of the Video8, with improved resolution and provision for digital audio.

  • Digital8

    a digital version of the 8mm video format.

  • MiniDV (MDV)

    part of the DV range, Digital Video, this is the small size digital video tape format.

  • DVCam

    the large size cassette from the DV range.

  • CD

    a digital optical disc for storing data as well as storage and playback of sound.

  • DVD

    Digital Video Disc is a digital optical storage disc and has better quality than the standard VHS and higher storage capacity than VCD's , with a life expectancy of 100 years.

  • MiniDVD

    a DVD disc smaller in size.

  • Bluray

    an improvement of the DVD, storing high-definition video resolution, which means greater picture quality.

  • Hard disk drive

    a data storage device used for storing and retrieving information by using rotating disks coated with magnetic material.

  • Audio Cassette

    a magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback.

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Price List

Video Type Per Hour Per Tape Per Disc
VHS $7    
VHS-C   $15  
SVHS $10    
SVHSC   $20  
Video-8   $15  
Hi-8   $15  
Digital8   $20  
MiniDV   $15  
DVCam $20    
CD/ DVD Please refer to duplicating price list.
MiniDVD     $7
Bluray $15    
Hard-Disk $10    
Audio Cassette $15    

Regular 8mm/Super 8mm Film Per Reel
50 ft $15
100 ft $20
200 ft $30
300 ft $40
400 ft $50
500 ft $60
600 ft $70

International System Conversions


We convert NTSC and SECAM video tapes or DVD’s (these are overseas video tape systems) to PAL (this is the Australian video tape system). We also convert PAL video (such as VHS, SVHS, Video 8, Hi 8, DV and mini DV) to NTSC or SECAM and other overseas video systems.

NTSC and SECAM systems from international countries must be converted to the Australian format (PAL) in order to be viewed clearly on Australian video or DVD systems. Likewise, video tapes/DVDs recorded in Australia must be transferred to another format (usually NTSC or SECAM) in order to be viewed clearly on that countries equipment. Your original video tape will be returned to you along with a converted copy of the video in the system of the country that you specify.



We can duplicate CD’s, DVD’s, and Bluray’s. We also offer printing labels on the disc and covers that our placed outside in the cases, a variety of disc cases (we have a range of soft cases and hard cases with multiple disc storage), free assembly, and finally if you are not able to pick up we can post to you.

Why use AriaVision Infinity for your duplication needs?

  • Full range of media options (including CD, DVD-5, DVD-9, MiniCD, MiniDVD-5, MiniDVD-9, Bluray, etc)
  • capture video, create and edit video, and DVD authoring
  • Highest quality discs available
  • Quality printing available
  • Full range of packaging options (including plastic sleeves, assorted hard cases, etc)
  • You receive the exact quantity you request, no shortages or over orders
  • Free Assembly
  • Small orders available in 1 business day
  • Orders can be posted or shipped throughout Australasia
  • Prices include GST
  • Over 21 years experience

Price List

Prices per disc

Duplication Type 10-100 101-500 501-1000 1001 <
CD $2 80c 60c 40c
DVD $3 $1.20 80c 45c
Bluray $4 $3 $1.90 $1.50
Labels 90c 60c 35c 25c

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